Adult Seminars

Adult Seminars for all Across Essex.

Whether you are looking to improve your golf short or long game we can help.
Learn how to improve your golf skills with our PGA qualified golf professionals.

The School of Golf provides individual golf lessons to all ages and abilities, with each session tailored to the individuals specific needs. We also provide post lesson analytics including a swing video, allowing you to see your swing first hand, as well as an emailed lesson review from your personal coach.

This will enable you and your coach to evaluate lesson outcomes allowing further progression of your game.

All lessons are a maximum of 8 clients in each group, with 4 adults to one PGA golf professional. Our packages are tailored around spending a morning or afternoon with our PGA golf professionals.

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Short Game Seminar 2019

Includes pitching, chipping, bunkers and putting

Wednesday 1st May9-12am£80 per person
Friday 7th June3-6pm£80 per person
Friday 5th July9-12am£80 per person
Wednesday 7th August6-9pm£80 per person

Long Game Seminar 2019

Includes driving, fairway/rescue woods, irons and awkward lies

Wednesday 15th May9-12am£80 per person
Friday 14th June9-12am£80 per person
Wednesday 17th July6-9pm£80 per person
Friday 23rd August3-6pm£80 per person

On-Course Seminar 2019

9 HolesTimeCost
Friday 24th May9-1pm£80 per person
Friday 28th June9-1pm£80 per person